Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ron Brace to....


I LOVE IT. Ron Stays home and comes to my favorite team.

I was sitting in my dorm room yelling and cheering.

Congrats Ron! You and B.J. Putting BC on the map again!

Go Eagles!

B.J. Raji to....

...the Green Bay Packers!

Congrats B.J.!!!!

Another BC top 10 pick!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Big Day for The Eagles

Tomorrow, April 25th, 2009 is a big day for the Boston College Eagles football team.

First of all it is the Jay McGillis Spring game where the boys who have been practicing and scrimmaging hard this Spring get to show off and in some cases fight for a starting spot on the roster next August. For those of you who are unable to attend, Boston College is broadcasting the game on their website FREE of charge. (I know people will jump at this because who doesn't like free stuff)

Next the NFL Draft. BC has numerous players entered into the draft, lead by the Highly Touted prospect B.J. Raji. Pete King says he is going 6th to the Bengals. If Raji indeed goes top 5 or 6 it will be huge for BC. Producing 2 top talents in 2 years? That would be a huge and I mean HUGE recruiting booster, meaning there could be even more top talent coming from BC in the future.

Here are a few of the other BC players that could get drafted:
Ron Brace - DT (Likely 2nd Round)
Clif Ramsey - G (Likely 4th or 5th Round)
Brian Toal - LB (Likely 7th Round)
Chris Crane - QB (Likely Undrafted)
Ryan Purvis - TE (Likely Undrafted)
Kevin Akins - CB (Likely Undrafted)
Robert Francois - LB (Likely Undrafted)

Not the biggest or best BC draft class but there are some solid prospects and I expect everyone of them to get tryouts or drafted with teams because they are solid.

Oh and on other BC Football news. BC vs. Penn State?? Maybe.

Back from London

Just finished up doing a half-Semester in London, England and let me tell you...IT WAS AWESOME. I will be posting much more now that school is basically done and I am actually in the US.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm back

Sorry for the lack of posts folks, I have been very, very busy with school and work.

Lets update the baseball teams results:
After a huge win vs. Clemson in the first game of the series, they ended up dropping both games of the double header. In the first game they lost they lost 7-6 in a really close one and Clemson came back from behind to win 5-3.

This week the Eagles got back to their winning ways. They beat Northeastern on Tuesday at home 11-2 behind the 6 scoreless innings on the mound from Pat Dean. Mike Belfiore continued his remarkable year at the plate with a solo homerun. The Eagles then traveled down to Storrs, Connecticut to face the Huskies from UConn. The Eagles were down 4-3 entering the 9th and they came back behind the bat of Junior Tony Sanchez went 3-for-4 with two homers and three RBI for the Eagles, as they pulled off a 5-4 victory.

The Eagles host the NC State Wolfpack for three day series starting tomorrow.

In other news B.J. Raji might be in big trouble. It is being reported that he failed a drug test at the combine. They are also saying that he tested positive for marijuana at BC too. I have never heard that but this will hurt him ginormously and cost him millions of dollars. Hopefully he slips to the Patriots though!

In other news the BC Men's Tennis team is ranked for the first time ever. Congrats to them.

The Women's basketball made a great run to the Final Four of the WNIT. Unfortunately, they lost to South Florida in very good game, that ended up looking more lopsided then it really was.

With Spring Ball underway there is a 3 way competition going for the starting job. However Spaz isn't very impressed. He says that they all need "practice." Well it is good that there is a lot of time until the season starts but it is never good when the QBs are struggling.

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