Friday, March 20, 2009

Hockey East Semifinals: Live Blog

#6 Seed Boston College vs. #1 Seed Boston University

Introductions have begun.

National Anthem just finished being sung. Puck is about to drop.

BC 0, BU 0 - Game on

BC 0, BU 0 - Yip hitting from behind. 5 minute Power Play for BC.

BC 0, BU 0 - Power play was awful. BU kills it off.

BC 0 , BU 0 - BU PP, Ferriero for hitting from behind.

BC 0, BU 0 - BC kills off the Power play.

BC 0, BU 0 - BU PP, Orpik for interference.

BC 0, BU 0 - BC kills off the penalty. 5:00 minutes left in the 1st period.

BC 0, BU 0 - John Muse is playing awesome so far. 2:48 left.

BC 0, BU 0 - End of the 1st. Good first period up and down action with a lot of penalties. Shots BU 9, BC 7.

Keys to the second period:
1. Stay out of the Box:
C took to many penatlies that period. BU has a great PP and BC can't keep giving them opportunities.
2. John Muse: Keep it up. Playing very good again.
3. Scoring the First Goal: Score the first goal and put the pressure on BC but even if BU scores first, they got to keep their poise and not panic.

BC 0, BU 0 - Flurry of action to start. Shots for both teams.

BC 0, BU 0 - No whistles until the 15 minute mark. Fun period thus far.

BC 0 , BU 0 - BU Power Play on a questionable interference on Orpik.

BC 0, BU 0 - BC kills it off with some great blocked shots. No shots on Goal for BU.

BC 0, BU 0 - Another AWFUL call. BU PP. 4th in a row. This is getting out of hand.

BC 0, BU 0 - Another nice kill. Muse is playing great. Bad icing though so they can't change the dead tired PKers.

BC 0, BU 0 - Up and down action. Still waiting for the first goal. 5:31 left in the 2nd.

BC 1, BU 0 - Smith bats in a rebound out of mid around. Called a goal on the ice and is currently under review.

BC 1, BU 0 - It Stands. Ben Smith from Brian Gibbins at 17:50 of the 2nd.

BC 1, BU 0 - BC finally gets a power play. With 1:30 left in the 2nd.

BC 1, BU 0 - End of second. Another great period by Muse but it was huge to get the goal.

Keys to the third period:

1. John Muse - has gotta keep doing what he is doing. He is playing real good.
2. Score - If we score again BC will put all the pressure on BU. (Plus you can't win if you don't score more than the other team)
3. Stay out of the box - Like I said after the first. BU is unreal on the PP and if we keep giving them PP opportunities they are going to score.

BC 1, BU 0 - Puck is about to drop in the 3rd. Lets go Eagles.

BC 1, BU 0 - BC PP. Shattenkirk rough.

BC 1, BU 0 - BU kills it. 16:34 left.

BC 1, BU 0 - Another BU penalty followed by the patented whining by Jack Parker.

BC 1, BU 0 - BU kills it.

BC 1, BU 0 - BC penalty. Interference.

BC 1, BU 0 - BC kills it. 10 minutes left.

BC 1, BU 1 - Damn. 1-1.

BU 2, BC 1 - Wow.

BU 3, BC 1 - John Muse decides to stop playing. 3 goals in 45 seconds on 3 shots.

BU 3, BC 2 - Gibbons cut the lead in half. BC looks desperate but I'm not sure it is going to be enough.

BU 3, BC 2 - Muse is pulled. One last chance.

BU 3, BC 2 - 6 seconds left, faceoff to the left of Millan.

BU 3, BC 2 - Just short. Tough, tough day.

Good night folks, really really tough night. I'll try my best to recap it tomorrow.


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