Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eagle Links: 6/2

Jeff from BC Interruption has a nice recap of the NCAA Baseball tournament and what the move to the ACC has done for the BC Baseball program.

Dominique Davis has been ruled out academically this year and is now transferring from BC. This is a positive for BC, in my opinion. Davis was given every chance to take the starting QB job for next year and even though he wasn't the best QB in the Spring, he was still being touted as the starter by coach Spaz. While all of this is happening, he doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to go to class and give a little effort? People like that who fold under minimal pressure are not people who I want being the starting QB on my football team. This is what many people call addition by subtractiong. Now its time to see if Justin Tuggle, Codi Boek or Billy Flutie can step up and prove they deserve to be starting this year.

BC also grabbed another commitment
for the 2010 class in 5'10" Wide Reliever James McCaffrey from BB&N High School here in Massachusetts. McCaffrey may not be the biggest wide out but he sure can fly and everything I have heard about him is he works his butt off too. Good to see a local kid commit to BC and with such a good group of recruits from Massachussetts in the 2010 class, lets hope Spaz can keep most of them here!

The Globe is actually doing some good writing on BC of late. Their latest is a recap of BC's NCAA tournament play.

They also have a good breakdown of the Davis transfer and the remaining pieces left at quarterback for the Eagles. Looks like they are doing everything possible to keep their paper alive by sucking up to the locals.

Bill over at Eagle in Atlanta has a nice piece on the media coverage of the BC Baseball team becuase of their good tournament showing.


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