Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eagle Links: 6/5

BC's problems this year are way too similar to Virginia's problems last offseason. Its actually pretty scary how similar they are.

After winning the national title, finishing third finishing 5th Nationally. BC sailor Adam Roberts won the award equivalent to the heisman in college football.

Apparently, BC was in talks with the ever hated but talks about lots Greg Paulus about coming to BC. Little did they know how much they could use another QB now. However, it wouldn't have been possible anyways because of the inter conference transfer rules.

Some of the Texas' players gear is going to the Baseball Hall of Fame after that epic 25 inning game. Apparently only one team played in that game.

Tony Sanchez is definitely a top prospect who will go in the first round of this years MLB Draft has also been named a finalist for the Johnny Bench award.

The guys over at Testudo Times have an early preview on ACC basketball for next year. They believe Rice leaving is going to be huge but I feel otherwise.


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