Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend BC Stuff

Well I got my season tickets in the mail last week, and with those came an offer for two free tickets to either the Northeastern Game, the Kent State game or the Central Michigan Game. It was 2 free tickets so I was obviously going to take them up on that offer even though the games were nothing special. But the thing you guys will probably find weird is that I chose the Northeastern game. So let me explain why, well I won't be able to go to the Kent State game because I am playing in a charity golf tournament for a friends fallen brother so my sister will have to take those tickets. Since I was really getting these tickets so I could bring my cousin to a game I realized he would be going to boot camp at the time of the Central Michigan game, so even though it was the best game, it probably wasn't the best game for me.

Okay, back on track:
There is a good article on the BC secondary, where the players feel they are being overlooked and doubted while they believe they will be very good. I believe in the players too.

Eagle All Access found a great video on Joe Haden Jr. training his kids Joe (Florida) and Josh (BC) (and his other one Jordan (committed to Florida). Definitely worthy of a watch, very interesting video.

Mike Farrell of EagleAction gives us a list (on a paid message board so I have no link for you) of the 4 true freshmen who are definitely going to redshirt this year:

Dillon Quinn (which is a surprise, could he move to OT where BC appears very thin down the line?), Sterlin Phifer (started strong but was easily passed by Finch), Andre Lawrence and Jake Sinkovec. Apparently everyone else will play this year or at least start the year with a chance to play and will dress for home games.

BC field hockey (#14 in the naion) got off to a 2-0 start beating Vermont 3-0 and smoking William and Mary 7-2.

Decent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about Jesse Tuggle preparing his some for the spot light of him profile college football and the NFL.

I will be back later today with my ACC football previews.


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