Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm back!!

Finally, I am back on the Boston College campus and am ready to start my Sophomore year here at Boston College. I am ready to get this blog and lets not forget the twitter site back and running with the site.

I have been unbelievably swamped with work and classes all summer. Here is a little info on what I had to do all summer:
-Worked at State Street for 50 hours a week
-Worked on a Golf Course on Saturdays and Sundays from 5:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.
-I took a summer Liturature Course for 2 times a week
-I took a summer Accounting Course for for 3 hours a week on Wednesdays
-I helped my parents move from Chicago down here to Boston. Including 3 drives from Boston to Chicago and back.

Yeah so as you can see, I didn't have much free time and whatever free time I had, I just wanted to relax and sleep. Therefore, I didn't have time for you BC fans but I am back and ready to go for the upcoming football season. The Football team didn't have much good news all summer either so they were like me. The only good news came when Mark Herzlich said he would be back on Campus for the fall Semester, even if he won't playing but he will be a huge moral booster for the team. Here hopes to be back for the 2010 season and we are all still praying he will do just that. Stay strong Mark.

The QB battle hasn't really cleared up over the summer. Both have played somewhat well in practice however they lack experience and consistency. Also with Shinske's hurt rib, who knows how bad that is. This article in the Herald makes it seem like BC will start the year with a QB by committee plan but I HATE THOSE. I really hope one of them shines (even if it is against Northeastern) and earns the spot after week 1. We will get killed vs. Clemson with a QB by committee, in my opinion.

Here are some more links to news about BC:
An Awesome T-Shirt put out by BC. I really hope these are out in full force next year on campus.

Nice article in the Globe about the Improvement of out QBs.

The Metrowest Daily News takes a look at our new front 7 on defense. Its little bit disturbing after seeing the defense last year, however it is a good read and I have tons of confidence in Coach Spaz.

ACC released the Basketball schedule. Can't wait for that season to start too.

EagleinAtlanta points us to a great read about Athletic Director Gene DeFillippo in Boston Magazine (who'd a thunk it).

Wicked cool article in a South Carolina paper about the players in the ACC thoughts about each teams fans. Some actually think BC are the Most Hostile.

Last but not least, I CAN'T WAIT FOR BC vs. BU at Fenway. Talk about AWESOME.


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