Sunday, June 14, 2009

Looking at the Depth Chart: Quarterback

This is the first part of a new series that I am going to do which I call "Looking at the Depth Chart." Where I will take a look at each position on the depth chart one by one giving the position's strength's, weakness and my projected starters. Today, I am going to take a look at the quarterback position, the most unknown position on the team going into the summer.

BC lost 3 of their top 4 quarterbacks on the Depth chart last year (Chris Crane - Graduation, Dominique Davis - Transfer, Chris Johnson - Transfer). The only one who returns, Billy Flutie, is projected to be a wide receiver this year and he has only thrown 3 career passes in college, all of which were on trick plays. There are no other players on the roster who have had any experience at Quarterback in college. The Quarterbacks in the discussion are:
Codi Boek
Justin Tuggle
David Shinskie
Alexander Atiyeh
Mike Marscovetra
Billy Flutie

Strengths: While there are not many strengths for BC at this position, there are a few.

  • The biggest strength for BC at the QB Position is the fact that there is an open competition. While Cody Boek and Justin Tuggle saw the most action in Spring Ball, all six of the QB's I listed will have a legitimate shot to win the starting job which will mean BC will have the best QB on the roster starting for them next fall (not the least bad, like after spring ball).

  • The other strength of the Quarterback position is they have a mixture of young guys and old guys at the position. Shinskie and Boek are both Junior College transfers who have the maturity to play QB at this level while Tuggle, Atiyeh, Marscovetra and Flutie are still very young. Its a good chance for each of these guys to learn from each other and help them become better Quarterbacks.

Weaknesses: There are many more weaknesses at this position than there are strengths.
  • The first weakness the Eagles have here is probably the most important one. The Eagles have no one of the roster who has lined up behind the quarterback and taken snaps and thrown passes in a game in college. Like I said before Flutie has thrown 3 passes on trick plays but that is not that same. The Eagles are going to need someone to step up big time in order to make up for this problem.

  • Another weakness the Eagles have at this position is they have a bunch of young players competing for the job. Mike Marscovetra is a true freshman, Justin Tuggle is a redshirt freshman and Alexander Atiyeh is a sophomore. With all of these young guy you don't know if they have the maturity or the head to play quarterback at this level.

  • The last weakness this team has at the QB position is the fact that a guy who played Fullback last year is currently the favorite to win the starting job and a guy who played baseball for the past six years is another top candidate to win the job. Its never good when you have guys who haven't been playing quarterback steadly vying for the job because you don't know what you are going to get with them. This doesn't mean they can't be good, it is just a big question mark.

Prediction: The Eagles are going to need a bunch of the guys to step up and make the coaches give them the starting job. I do feel that Justin Tuggle will be that guy. Tuggle struggled this spring but watching him at practice you could tell he had the tools of a quarterback but just wan't executing like he should have been. I think Shinskie will also come in and prove that he can still play quarterback and will be ready to pounce if Tuggle or anyone else fails.
Here is how I think the QBs will be ranked going into the Fall:
1. Justin Tuggle
2. David Shinskie
3. Codi Boek
4. Alexander Atiyeh
5. Mike Marscovetra (Will be Redshirted)
6. Billy Flutie

That is it for the Quarterbacks. Tomorrow I will taking a look at the Running Back and Wide Receiver positions in separate posts!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Been Super Busy

Sorry guys that I haven't been able to post a ton lately, I have been Super Busy this past week with getting a new job at Apple and all the training they need to give you for some odd reason. But I will be starting a new series tomorrow looking at each position on the Football Depth Chart and discussion our strengths and weaknesses at those positions and who is projected to be the starter(s).

See you tomorrow! Go Eagles!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tony Sanchez to Pirates

Tony Sanchez has been selected at #4 overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates and has officially become the highest ever drafted Boston College Eagle. Unfortunately this means his Baseball career at BC is likely over, but its awesome to see an Eagle go that high in the draft!

Congrats Tony! Good luck in the future!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eagle Links: 6/7

First off let me say this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (That is why I am so late at doing this)! The big two zero. One more year until the greatest age that was ever created! Alright on to BC sports.

First of all Bill over at Eagle in Atlanta has some very cool pictures from Matt Ryan's football camp down in Atlanta. Go check it out!

There is a nice article in the Metro West Daily News from last night about Billy Flutie and his attitude about him maybe playing QB or staying at Wide Receiver. He does have a good attitude about the position.

Some nice praise in little snippet on an ESPN blog about our future QB Joe Boisture. Who we have learned from is going to be graduating early and coming to BC to play in Spring Ball. Which is huge for us especially with all the unknowns at the QB position. Its too bad he wasn't a year older.

BC's marching band has been added to NCAA Football '10! I know all you band junkies will love this. Now can they do it on the ice?

According to BC has received commitment from a kid who left high school in 2003 to play in the Minors for baseball but it never worked out. David Shinskie supposedly has a big arm and since he is 24 he must have a good head on his shoulders. Not much risk here especially with our QB problems.

Off to pre-order NCAA Football '10. The BC band did it for me!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Eagle Links: 6/5

BC's problems this year are way too similar to Virginia's problems last offseason. Its actually pretty scary how similar they are.

After winning the national title, finishing third finishing 5th Nationally. BC sailor Adam Roberts won the award equivalent to the heisman in college football.

Apparently, BC was in talks with the ever hated but talks about lots Greg Paulus about coming to BC. Little did they know how much they could use another QB now. However, it wouldn't have been possible anyways because of the inter conference transfer rules.

Some of the Texas' players gear is going to the Baseball Hall of Fame after that epic 25 inning game. Apparently only one team played in that game.

Tony Sanchez is definitely a top prospect who will go in the first round of this years MLB Draft has also been named a finalist for the Johnny Bench award.

The guys over at Testudo Times have an early preview on ACC basketball for next year. They believe Rice leaving is going to be huge but I feel otherwise.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eagle Links: 6/4

ESPN is starting another one of those dumb visit the 50 states and vote on the best teams, players and other stuff from that state. But this time is CFB Live doing it so BC should get more than some air time when they come to Massachusetts on July 14th.

A few of the start times and TV coverage have been announced for ACC Football. BC will play both Northeastern and Kent State at Alumni at 2 PM EST and then will travel to play Clemson to play on Raycom at noon. Click Here for BC Schedule.

A little old but I thought it was worth while news and haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. Matt Tennant was named to the Remington Trophy Watch List. According to the website, The Rimington Trophy is awarded to the most outstanding college offensive center in NCAA Division I-A football."

Coed Sailing may have a national championship system that is worse than the BCS. 2 days ago we were told they won another National Title, then yesterday they were 3rd and now we are being told they earned 5th place. Anyone have any idea what is going on?

8 former Eagles are being inducted into the Varsity Club Hall of Fame this year. Here is the list of Eagles:
Danya Abrams '97 (basketball)
Gordie Farkouh '83 (soccer)
Antonio Garay '02 (wrestling/football)
Becky Gottstein '02 (basketball)
Gerry Hamel '61 (baseball)
Craig Janney '87 (hockey)
Tom McManus '92 (football)
Tom Nalen '93 (football)
Click here for the full press release from BC that includes a tidbit about each player.

Go Eagles!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eagle Links: 6/2

Jeff from BC Interruption has a nice recap of the NCAA Baseball tournament and what the move to the ACC has done for the BC Baseball program.

Dominique Davis has been ruled out academically this year and is now transferring from BC. This is a positive for BC, in my opinion. Davis was given every chance to take the starting QB job for next year and even though he wasn't the best QB in the Spring, he was still being touted as the starter by coach Spaz. While all of this is happening, he doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to go to class and give a little effort? People like that who fold under minimal pressure are not people who I want being the starting QB on my football team. This is what many people call addition by subtractiong. Now its time to see if Justin Tuggle, Codi Boek or Billy Flutie can step up and prove they deserve to be starting this year.

BC also grabbed another commitment
for the 2010 class in 5'10" Wide Reliever James McCaffrey from BB&N High School here in Massachusetts. McCaffrey may not be the biggest wide out but he sure can fly and everything I have heard about him is he works his butt off too. Good to see a local kid commit to BC and with such a good group of recruits from Massachussetts in the 2010 class, lets hope Spaz can keep most of them here!

The Globe is actually doing some good writing on BC of late. Their latest is a recap of BC's NCAA tournament play.

They also have a good breakdown of the Davis transfer and the remaining pieces left at quarterback for the Eagles. Looks like they are doing everything possible to keep their paper alive by sucking up to the locals.

Bill over at Eagle in Atlanta has a nice piece on the media coverage of the BC Baseball team becuase of their good tournament showing.

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