Monday, October 5, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - FSU Game

Hey here we are, the Monday heading into the Virginia Tech game, sitting at 4-1 overall and 2-1 in conference. There aren't many fans out there who predicted BC would be this good thus far. I was really skeptical about this team but I have been proven wrong. The Eagles are going to continue to win as long as they continue to recruit the BC type of player that they have been recruiting for years. Now to look back at the FSU game:

The Good:

  • David Shinskie has put his best foot forward and has claimed that Starting QB spot.
  • Montel Harris looked as good as ever
  • The Offensive line dominated the game, they way we expected from the start of the season
  • Colin Larmond is a diamond in the ruff. Wow, we got ourselves a good one here.
  • Luke Kuechly is showing us that he is a top linebacker who should be on the field at all times
  • The end of the 1st half downpour, right when FSU was driving. Couldn't have happened at a better time.
  • Gary Tranquill's 1st half play calling. Great job at switching it up and keeping the 'Noles on their heels. No just do it for the whole game.
  • ESPN's Mark Herzlich Tribute. Not a dry eye on the gameday site!
The Bad:
  • The second half. Blew another big lead. Can't do that against a team like Virginia Tech.
  • Zone Blitz. We did this the whole second half and it didn't work. Need to work on it.
  • Fumbles. Very troublesome. The last thing we can afford to do it give free posessions to the other team.
  • The Defensive Backs. They get a partial pass because the defensive line is anemic at rushing the passer and they can't cover all day, but they got to pick it up a little.
  • The crowd at kickoff. Mark Herzlich addressed the crowd prior to the game but the stadium was half empty. Very embarassing for such a big game.
The Ugly:
  • The 3rd quarter. Only 2 pass players for Dave Shinskie after he had such a great 1st half? Enough "playing not to lose."
  • The Pass rush. Any half decent QB will tear this defense apart with that much time in the pocket. Got to get a little pressure.
  • Kickoffs. Kick the ball deep, I don't care if god is returning kicks. Giving them the ball at the 40+ yardline for free every drive is pointless. Atleast make them earn it.
  • Kickoff returns. Jeff Smith had a good offensive touchdown but his time returning kicks should come to a close. He is afraid of any human contact and should just be used as a speed guy on offense.
All in all, there is plenty to improve on as a team, but you can't complain about the effort. The team leaves it all on the field every game and that is a great quality. The Eagles have a lot of positives to build on and they will have a MAJOR test next weekend at Lane Stadium vs. the Hokies. Go Eagles!!


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