Friday, October 9, 2009

Week 6 Pick 6

And my dabbles in picking games with little success continued for another were here at Towers on the Heights. I have however, had my second consecutive winning record in picking ACC games, but it was still very ugly going 5-5 on the week. I will give myself some credit though, as I actually keep track of my picks and my mediocrity, unlike some of the folks at the Worldwide Leader. Here are my results from last week:

Anyway here are my results from last week:
ACC: 3-2
National: 2-3

Here are my overall records:
ACC: 9-16-0
National: 8-15-2

So once again, here are my picks for this upcoming week ATS, lets see if I can actually have some success, its highly unlikely, but atleast I'm trying.

All Odds taken from USA Today's NCAA Football Odds:
ACC Games (my picks in Bold)
Boston College vs Virginia Tech -13.5
Indiana vs. Virginia -6.5
Duke vs. NC State -14.5
Maryland vs. Wake Forest -10
Georgia Tech vs. Florida State -2.5

National Games (my picks in Bold)
Wisconsin at Ohio State -14.5
Alabama -6.5 at Mississippi
Connecticut at Pittsburgh -9.5
Michigan at Iowa -7.5
Florida -9.5 at LSU

Come back later for an explaination of my BC vs. VT prediction and check out Blog Nation for my BC vs. VT game preview.


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