Saturday, September 5, 2009


Its finally here. Boston College Gameday is upon us and we are going to get to see our Eagles on the field again. The Eagles open up the season with the Northeastern Huskies here at Alumni Stadium. They hope to start the season off well and make some decisions on players at different positions. The Eagles are clearly more talented than Northeastern but here are my keys to the game:

1. Offensive Line must dominate. It is our biggest strength. We have a bunch of monsters there and 2 great running backs and they have to protect an inexperienced quarterback so we need them take control of the game.
2. No turnovers. If BC can keep the ball, their talent level will show and they will take over the game even if they are young. The QBs need to take this part of the game to heart and we can be success.
3. Wide Recievers. They need to cover for the inexperience at QB and make some good catches. They cannont drop the ball and they must get yards after the catch to help our QBs out.

If BC can do those things they should win easily!



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