Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quick Thoughts: BC holds off Wake in OT

Just got back from the game and all I can say is WOW! The Eagles had a 24-10 lead with 5 minutes left and they let Wake come back an tie it with some great play by Riley Skinner. Then the Eagles got the ball to start the OT and were held to a FG. When Wake got the ball the got two big plays right away of 11 and 9 yards to get the ball down to BC 3 yard line. That is where things changed, BC packed the box, forced Skinner out of the pocket and stripped him. Wes Davis then recovered the fumble and the Eagles held on!!!

Quick Thoughts:
-Let me start my thoughts off by saying the crowd was awesome. It was parents weekend and Alumni was packed, there were a few seats in the upper corner of the upper deck in the Endzones but thats it. The place was full. Not only that but they made a lot of noise, especially in overtime when the defense needed it. It was the best crowd I have experienced in a while!
-Shikie played pretty well. He struggled with overthrowing receivers in the first half, but settled down and played very well after. He had a touchdown taken off the board because of a dumb holding penalty by Matt Tennant.
-Defensive Line was AWFUL. They played awful in EVERY ASPECT of the game. Couldn't stop the run for the life of them, couldn't get any pressure on the cornerback which allowed Wake to comeback in the 4th. The need to play 10 times better if we want to have a chance again FSU.
-Mike McLaughlin was back but you could tell he was very rusty. He made a few tackles, but he didn't have that "I'm Mike McLaughlin and I'm going to rip your head off with this tackle" attitude and was a little slow. I suspect this will get better with time.
-The Offensive line had a very good first 3 quarters, but was very bad when we needed them in the 4th quarter and OT. They were getting stood up by a much smaller Wake Forest defensive line and its disheartening to see them playing this bad.
-Luke Keuchly needs to be on the field more. I don't care if BC needs to switch to a 3-4 to get him on the field with Mike McLaughlin. The kid is too good to be sitting on the sidelines.
-The Kicking game was very good. Apo hit all of his kicks. Quigley did very good on Punts and he was also kicking the ball off to the endzone every time. Much improved and it is a very good thing.

All in all, a win is a win and this was an important ACC win. The Eagles get FSU next week and it will be another huge game. If they can keep improving they have a chance to win the game and thats all that you can ask. Lets just hope the fans are as good next week as they were this week because we are going to need them!



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