Thursday, September 3, 2009

Week 1 College Football Picks

Each week I am going to be predicting the results of 5 ACC games and 5 National Games each week. I will keep track of my record and if enough people get involved I would even keep track your your picks and maybe even give out a prize for the winner. But we need some people to play in the comment section below. YOU MUST PICK THE SAME GAMES I PICK OR NONE OF YOUR PICKS WILL COUNT!

All Odds are taken from USA Today's odds page.
ACC Games (My Picks in Bold):
Alabama -5.5 vs. Virginia Tech
Maryland vs. Califorina -21.5
Baylor vs. Wake Forest -2.5
Middle Tennessee State vs. Clemson -20.5
Miami vs. Florida State -3.5

National Games (My Picks in Bold):
Brigham Young vs. Oklahoma -21
Connecticut -3 vs. Ohio
Missouri vs. Illinois -6
Georgia vs. Oklahoma State -5.5
Minnesota -6 vs. Syracuse

There you have it. My week one picks for both 5 ACC games and 5 national games. I will be back next week with the results and some new picks!


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