Thursday, September 24, 2009

Week 4 Pick 5

Sorry guys, have been extra busy with my classwork this week so I haven't been able to update until now but I wouldn't miss out on a chance to make my weekly picks! So lets take a look at how I did last week:
ACC: 1-4
National: 3-1-1

Once again I was brutal in the ACC, so pick the opposite of what I pick. But I finally made some progress in the national scene!Overall I am:
ACC: 3-12
National: 5-8-2

So lets take a look at my picks for this week, so you can figure out who NOT to pick.

All Odds taken from USA Today's NCAA Football Odds:
ACC Games (my picks in bold)
South Florida at Florida State -14
North Carolina at Georgia Tech -2.5
Wake Forest -2.5 at Boston College
TCU at Clemson -3
Miami -2 at Virginia Tech

National Games (my picks in bold)
California -7 at Oregon
Fresno State at Cincinnati -15
Iowa at Penn State -10
Washington at Stanford -7
Notre Dame -8.5 at Purdue

These you have it. Come back tomorrow for my Knowing your Enemy series and a preview! Go Eagles!


ESPN College Football Standings


ESPN College Football Scoreboard