Monday, May 4, 2009

2010 Football Position Previews: Offense

This is the first of my 3 part "wicked early" break down of the Boston College football team in 2010. I will start off this 3 part series by doing the offensive side of the football, giving my own personal views on each player!

Quarterback Position
Dominique Davis: Davis came into spring camp in the lead for the starting QB position but did not do anything this spring to strengthen that lead. However, even after a mediocre spring, he finished strong in the spring game going 20-of-40 for 145 yards with one interception. Davis is still the leader for the starting spot in 2010 because of the experience he got in 2009 but he is going to need to pick up his play in order to hold that lead.

Justin Tuggle: Tuggle came into spring camp, coming off of a full season of practice after being redshirted last year. After, Davis' struggles to end the year last year, many BC fans tabbed him as the savior for this BC offense. But he didn't show much of that in spring practice. He is very raw and still very young so he may emerge in the summer, who knows. He went a very paltry 2-of-7 for eight yards with no TDs or no INTs in the spring game to end his bad spring.

Codi Boek: Came into camp much differently then Davis and Tuggle, as he was just looking to find some playing time at whichever position he could. Whether it be Tight End, Running Back or Quarterback and you could tell by his commitment that he just loved playing the game of football. But, boy did he surprise us. He came in and was the best of the 3 QB for most if not all of the spring practices. He didn't finish up very good going 2-for-10 for 14 yards in the Spring Game, but Boek is one to watch out for come Summer time!

Prediction: Dominique Davis will be the starter

Running Back Positon
Montel Harris: He established himself as one of the best running backs in the ACC last year as a freshman and did nothing to hurt himself this spring. He was the same old Montel and just ran with power and speed as usual. Harris with definitely be a key cog in Boston College new run first offense next year.

Josh Haden: Was the other freshman running back last year for the Eagles. He was the running back who could break away in open field due to his tremedous speed and could catch the passes out of the backfield. But his freshmen season was hampered by injuries and he came back this spring still trying to get to 100% so he wasn't tested that much this spring. But he, like Harris, with be a key to the running game again next year.

Jeff Smith: Kind of like Boek at the Quarterback position, was the surprise of the spring at the runningback position. He has breakaway speed and we all knew that from his kick returning ability but we have never really seen him as a runningback. But he shined, showed he could hit the corner on the outside and break-away, he could run between the tackles and that he could read defenses. He was the best offensive player in the spring game with 40 years on 16 carries.

Prediction: Montel Harris will start but with BC's new run first, second and third approach, Haden and Smith will see plenty of time on the field.

Fullback Position
James McCluskey: McCluskey has been fantastic as this position the last 2 years, blocking, running and getting the short yardage when we need it. He suffered a season ending injury last year and hasn't practiced in the spring but he looks to be the only person vying for the job right now. There will probably be some seldom used Running Back, Linebacker or Tight End that will fill in the backup role for McCluskey next year.

Prediction: McCluskey takes the starting role and with the impressive Springs by Chris Pantale and Jordan McMichael at the Tight End position, Lars Anderson is moved here as the backup.

Wide Receiver Position
Rich Gunnell: Was arguable the best reciever for the Eagles last year and will be back next year to lead the wide receiving core next year. He will need to step up his game big time as he will have a young and inexperience Quarterback throwing to him next year.

Billy Flutie: Looks to have improved him game going into this year and hopes to earn to more playing time at the wide receiver positon. He has the size and strength to be a good possession receiver who can work the middle of the field and played very well during the spring. He looks to be one of the many wide receivers to see the field next year for the Eagles.

Clyde Lee: Clyde was another one of the surprises of the spring as he showed up bigger and fast then he was last year (Redshirt). He is someone who can burn down the field and catch anything. He is someone almost every team in the nation would love to have. He will definitely see plently of playing time next year with both the offense and the special teams next year.

Justin Jarvis: Jarvis did a commendable job as the slot receiver at times last year. He made plenty of clutch catchs for us and I was very thankful we have him. He will be back this year and I think he is prone to have his best year ever with much more playing time. Watch out for Jarvis this year as he could be a go to guy for our QBs.

Colin Larmond: Larmond is a bigger Clyde Lee and he may even be faster than him too. Larmond showed some flashes of what he could do last year after we were pounded by injuries at the WR position. He has the potential to be a star reciever and this year could be his break out year.

Other Potential Sleepers: Ifeanyi Momah, Clarence Megwa and Ryan Lindsey

Prediction: Gunnell, Lee and Flutie will be the starters with almost all other receivers seeing plenty of time on the field.

Tight End Position
Chris Pantale: Came into spring as another Redshirt Freshman but he was probably the most impressive player at camp and definitely the best Tight End there. He has shown he can run good routes, catch the ball and use his agility to his advantage. He finished off his fantastic spring with five catches for 45 yards in the Spring game and looks to carry that momentum into next year.

Jordon McMichael: Was another Tight End who impressed this spring. The Junior has begun to use his size to his advantage and at 6'5", 262 lbs, it can be a very big advantage for him. He is someone who can block and who is big enough to get open and be a perfect target for our inexperienced QBs.

Lars Anderson: Lars wasn't terrible this spring but he didn't really show much improvement from last year. He has decent size and can catch the ball for the most part, even though he did have a huge drop last year. Like I said earlier, with the great performances by the other two Tight Ends, expect to see some playing time at FB for Lars.

Predictions: Chris Pantale is the starting Tight End as he is the better receiver and McMichael is brought in for most blocking plays. Lars Anderson gets moved to FB.

Guard Position
Thomas Claiborne: Claiborne stepped in last year as a sophomore and played remarkably well. Some would even say he was the second best player on the Offensive Line last year. He is a big body who has a really big mean streak and can just drive people off the ball at will. He is also versatile and can play Center, like he did at points last year, or Tackle if need be.

Nick Rossi: Has some big shoes to fill as he is slated to take over the Guard spot that opened up from Clif Ramsey's graduation. Unfortunately he did not play very well during the spring getting beat over and over again by Damik Scaife and Jim Ramella as the defense dominated most of spring ball.

Nick Halloran: Was another one of those redshirt freshman last year who is looking to grab some playing time next year on the offensive line. He didn't really show much this spring though but I am sure he will be ready is Nick Rossi faulters at any time next year.

Prediction: Claiborne and Rossi get the starting guard spots. With Halloran ready to pounce if someone gets hurt or struggles.

Tackle Position
Anthony Castonzo: The big, tall and very good tackle will be back for his 3rd season at BC and he just keeps getting better. He was the best Offensive Lineman this spring and he seems to have taking responsibility of leading more on the offensive side of the ball. Look for Castonzo to be back blocking the blind side for whoever wins the QB position.

Rich Lapham: Rich Lapham had some big shoes to fill last year, taking over for Josh Beekman and he did a good job. But this year he is going to need to be even better with an inexperienced QB and a whole new offense.

Mike Goodman: Was a highly rated Offensive Lineman coming out of high school and is coming back this year with a goal to earn some playing time. He is probably the guy in line to take over if any injuries or struggles happen at the tackle position.

Emmett Cleary: Redshirt last year and is coming back this year as another young guy trying to earn some playing time. He should be in the mix if injuries happen on the O-Line.

Prediction: Castonzo and Lapham get the start but watch out for Goodman as he should be very good.

Center Postion
Matt Tennant: Was the stabilizer on the offensive line last year and will be the same thing this year as the only senior in the mix. He was throughly missed when he had to miss a play here or there due to injuries or other reasons. Tennant is going to be back and should be in the mix for ACC 1st team next year!

Mark Spinney: Another young guy trying to earn some playing time. He probably won't take over if Tennant gets hurt as Claiborne will probably be moved to Center but he should be good in the near future.

Prediction: This is an easy one. Tennant starts and hopefully gets all the playing time here and avoids injury.

The offense looks to be very young this year but they have a lot of talent around the QB position which makes it much easier to break in a new Quarterback. The Offensive Lines and Running Back positions are the biggest strengths of this offense and should continue to be throughout the year. If one of the 3 QBs can step up and play well, BC could be very dangerous on the offensive side of the ball.

Tomorrow, I will be taking a look at the defensive side of the ball.


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