Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eagle Links: 5/13

There was one cool new rule change, that occured this week at the ACC meetings. Now away teams in ACC contests no longer have to wear their away jersey's anymore, as long as both teams sign off on it PRIOR to the game. Both teams can wear their light colored jerseys or both can wear their dark colored jerseys. I love this rule and think it is cool to see each teams colored jerseys more often!

HD grades the coaches in the ACC using recruiting stars and discriptions. Spaz was rated as a three star "player".

The Bleacher Report put together a great article on coach Spaz and his tenure here on the Boston College staff and the impact he has made while being here.

Another great article from the Bleacher Report about Joe Boisture coming to BC and looking to be the next Matt Ryan.

Speaking of Matt Ryan, this one writer believes that there is a very strong possibility that he can win the MVP award this 2009-10 NFL football season.

There was a nice breakdown in the Orlando Sentinal about the BC Eagles after the spring from last week.


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