Friday, May 8, 2009

Geoff McDermott to BC??

Due to the lack of news around BC today, I am not going to do the Eagle Links today. The only news around BC involves a former basketball player wanting to play football.

If the name Geoff McDermott is not familiar to you, it may just become very familiar to you. Geoff McDermott is a former Providence College basketball player who just finished up his 4th and final year of basketball eligibility. In his 4 year career at Providence, Geoff was one of their best and was their most consistant each year and he ended up with over 1,000 points and over 1,000 rebounds at PC. He is a ridiculous athlete, at 6'8", 235 pounds he had the ability to play both gaurd and forward at Providence. He has great versitility which will also help his chance on making the BC football team, IF indeed he wants to transfer here.

Now the issue if he decides he wants to try to play football again is what position is he going to play. It is no secret that QB is a need here at BC AND Geoff McDermott was one of the better QBs in the nation while in high school. However, many think that there is no why he could memorize the offsense and take a run at playing QB in the short time he would have to prepare, especially when all the QBs on the BC roster already have a HUGE head start. Therefore, that leads us to a few different positions. With McDermott's size and versitility many feel he has the ability to play TE, DE or LB and I tend to agree. Tight End would be a good spot for a guy with his size and speed however BC is stacked at the Tight End position right now and it would tough for McDermott to earn some playing time there. Linebacker is another great possibility for McDermott as he is the same size at Mark Herzlich but even taller. He combination of speed and size would be a perfect replacement for the injured Mike McLaughlin. But, I feel that the defensive end position would be the best place for him to play at BC. As I have stated many times already his great size and speed would make a perfect pass rusher and BC could really use some help at the defensive end position.

Lets hope we can see Geoff playing with the Eagles come this summer!


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