Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Weekend with the family

I know all of you aren't Boston sports fans, just BC sports fans but I am going to go on this little rant any way. What a tough, tough week/weekend to be a Boston sports fan.

Well start on Thursday, first early in the afternoon we find out that BC star linebacker has Cancer. Then we go on to the Red Sox game in the afternoon. The Red Sox get up early but go on to blow the game to the Angels. Next the Celtics game 6 was on, up 3-2 in the series and having a chance to close out the series. They played terrible and lost handily. The last game of the day was the Boston Bruins game 7. They also played like crap but they forced overtime. Then Scott freakin' Walker the villian scored the winning goal to ruined us Boston sports fans day.

Friday wasn't bad because on the Red Sox won but they were the only team on. But Saturday was another brutal day. The Red Sox were up 4-0 early and blew the lead allowing the Mariners to come back and win.

Sunday was garbage aswell. The Red Sox lost on a last inning error where again. Then the Lakers went on to win their game 7 where the Celtics go blown out again.

Ugly sports weekend for the Boston Sports fan BUT I myself had a great weekend with my Brother's college graduation and his graduation party.


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