Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The move to the ACC

In response to the link I posted earlier about the West Virginian writer saying that the BC move to the ACC hasn't worked, I am going to list the pros and cons of being in the ACC vs. the Big East.

The first few years of being in the ACC have been very good to the Eagles there have been much more pros then cons. Here they are:

  1. More Revenue
  2. Better competition
  3. Better bowls (although we may never get selected to them)
  4. More and Better Recruits (although our former coach didn't help this last year)
  5. Improvement in our sports outside of Football and Basketball
  6. Better TV contract
  7. Better places to watch BC play an away game
  8. More National Exposure
  1. A lot of Travel
  2. Bowls prefer lesser teams because of the amount of travel we have to do.
Then there is the Big East. I am going to give some hypothetical cons towards being in the New Big East.
  1. Less Travel
  2. More Natural Rivals
  3. Play good old basketball Rivals such as St. Johns, Georgetown, Villanova and Providence
  4. Being at the top of the conference year in and year out.
  1. Playing UConn
  2. Less money in our pockets
  3. Weaker competition in Football
  4. WAY to many teams in Basketball
  5. Lesser Bowls
  6. Less appeal to new recruits
  7. No way BC gets the money they have from the ACC to do their current expansion project.
So in review, there isn't much that makes the Big East more appealing to Boston College than the ACC. The move to the ACC has been a HUGE success for the Eagles thus far and BC will not be switching conferences again any time soon. No matter how hard the members of the Big East was them too.


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