Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2010 Football Position Previews: Special Teams

This is the third and final part of my 3 part, "wicked early" break down of the Boston College football team in 2010. I am going to continue this 3 part series by doing the special teams of the football team, giving my own personal views on each player!

Kicker Position
Steve Aponavicius: Sid-vicious is BACK! He looks to be a big part of the offense this year because with an inexperienced QB, BC will look to settle for field goals in order to get points on the board. Aponavicius has been solid this spring making most of the kicks he has been asked to make.

Nate Freese: Has yet to be on campus because he is still a high school Senior but he will look to earn a chance to kick for the Eagles this summer. With such a shaky kicking game, if he is able to be somewhat consistant he may just earn himself that playing time. Also with Bennett leaving school, he may have an opportunity to take over the kickoff role.

Prediction: Aponavicius kicks field goals and does kickoffs.

Punter Position
Ryan Quigley: Quigley came in last year as a freshman and struggled at times, but for the most part he was a solid punter for the Eagles last year. Most punters tend to get better as the get more experience and strength so we can hope for that out of Quigley next year in his sophomore season.

Gerald Levano: Levano also came in last year as a freshman, but he was redshirted so hee didn't see much playing time. This year he will be the backup punter and if Quigley faulters at any point in the season, I am sure Levano will be ready to step in am get some playing time for the Eagles.

Prediction: Quigley is our punter.

Kick/Punt Returner Position
Jeff Smith: As all avid BC fans know from 2006 that Jeff Smith knows how to return kicks and definitely knows how to get into the endzone. If Smith is able to stay healthy and willing to be hit, he will have a very good year and will be out kick returner.

Rich Gunnell: Gunnell may not be the fastest or the most agile person on the team but he is the best at catching the ball and running it. Which makes him a perfect candidate for the Punter Returning position. He returned a punt against Virginia Tech last year and I think he we can count on another one this year.

Montel Harris: Montel is a good combination of speed and power which makes him a very good candidate to return kicks. Last year he was one of the Eagles leading return men and this year he hopes to do more of the same.

Clyde Lee: The breakout player of the Spring has added speed and size to his alreay quick frame which definitely makes him a good candidate as well. Lee has had the praise of all of his teammates this spring and looks to transition that onto the field this year.

Josh Haden: Haden was injured last year so he wasn't able to show of his ability to run and run fast in the open field, much last year. BC needs to do everything in their power to get him the ball in the open field and using him as a kick returner would be perfect.

Prediction: Smith is the main Kickoff Return man, Gunnell is the main Punt Return man while all of the others get their chances as well.

Thank you for joining me and I hope you liked my previews!


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